Students' Words

This course has meant so much to me. I can vividly remember the relentless effort I put into finding a placement on this course. That effort was worth it, it’s been so rewarding for me. I can say that my self esteem has got better, my communication skills, particularly my listening skills have improved and I now have an even greater clarity as far as my aspirations for my employment goals are concerned. This is something I never, ever imagined would happen to me. I feel a magic running through me that is fresh, light and ever so fulfilling. My journey doesn’t end with the conclusion of this course, heaven’s sake no, it just begins.

This project has also showed me how to view other people’s opinions and respect them. I would normally get aggressive if someone never agreed with my point or I never agreed with their point, but now I try to understand where they are coming from and why they feel the way they do. It is a better way of communicating, I believe because there is not so much tension or confrontation involved which normally turn out in conflict and not a conversation.

The qualities I have learned in this project so far I can say has made a good change in me in the way I receive people’s information and not judge them but accept.

Accepting people how they are: the prison setting is the perfect example of the large diversity of people in the world. Although inmates might be here for hideous crimes, I’ve had practice to look past their crimes and see the emotions that we are dealing with. I’ve spoken to rapists, paedophiles and racist inmates and I’m comfortable in the knowledge that I’ve listened without the hindrance of disgust.

I came to prison with a seven-year sentence and asked for help. I did not cut myself or try to kill myself, I just cried and asked for help. I needed to be me, the person I wanted to be, but was too scared to try. I needed to trust again, trust in myself, in teachers and people with good advice. I needed to grow. I felt like I was bad all over and shrivelled like a raisin, but there was a seed inside me that felt pure and untouched and full of power and the water for that seed was knowledge. I wanted to know why I ended up the way I did and what I could do to be the person I knew I really was. I wanted to know how to make things better for myself and the people around me that loved me still, and the more I learned the more I wanted to learn about the psychology of the human mind, my mind in particular.

I never tought about thing that make me mad or upset it was very in helping me understand myself a lot better and a avoid them since doing my class I think it have change so much I’m a new person and my head can think clearer I think this class should be done in every jail in the country it would stop people reoffending and make them want to change like me and my class mates it was a very good idea to do this class in jail thank you for helping me change my life