Our Courses

The primary aims of our projects are the promotion of rehabilitation through education and the development of self awareness. However, these skills as shown below, also generate changes in the individual which, along with the prospect of a potential career, further the rehabilitation process. By the end of the course participants will be able to use these skills with their ‘client group’. Their personal and skills development, along with an award, contributes to a raised level of self esteem.

Participants will have learned:
• An enhanced level of self awareness
• The skills involved in listening to others
• To be non judgemental
• To be empathic
• To be able to create a sense of trust
• To accept strong feelings from others and cope with the feelings evoked in themselves
• The importance of confidentiality

We offer two different courses accredited by Middlesex University:
Basic Counselling Skills - 40 hours of contact time plus independent work.
Interpersonal Communication Skills - 30 hours of contact time plus independent work.

Assessment is rigorous and consists of :
• Peer assessment
• Assessment by tutors on the course
• Assessment by the supervisors to the course tutors
• Final assessment by an external tutor at Middlesex University